OCT15, Ethereum weekend price analysis. Bearish, oversold, HF monday.

Ethereum down 8 days in a row, consolidated and now drifting slightly lower over the weekend. Disclosure, I am long from 0.0185ish from a day ago. Timestamp I really thought it would bounce by now. However, the volume is low on weekends and there is uncertainty going into a HF monday. Market participants often wait after major uncertainty clears before going into the market so we should expect to see increased volatility after Monday.

Video on trading bitcoin and ethereum. Learn about Average True Range (ATR) and how to apply it

Hey guys, I have completed another trading video on bitcoin and ethereum. This one is going to be on Average True Range (ATR). This indicator is a little different because it measure the volatility of a price rather than the price itself. It is useful as an indicator because it shows confirmation or enthusiasm of an up move that confirms the price. Take a look and let me know what you think of this video.


Trading bitcoin/ethereum, what is a golden/death cross? A moving average analysis on today's price

Market is moving fast and I am holding my long from two days ago, but I have been crunching these short videos like nobody's business. This one is also going to be on the moving averages like the last one. More specifically, I will be analyzing the golden cross and death cross of a moving average as a signal for entry. I want to make it less than 5minute so you can move on with your day and learn something new if you haven't already.

Short video on cryptocurrency trading, moving averages on today's prices

Hi all. I've made another short video on cryptocurrency trading. This one will be focusing on moving averages and applying the indicator to today's bitcoin/eth prices. I picked this simple indicator as a starting point because it is the gateway to many more advanced indicators like BB,MACD and ATR. So understanding the fundamentals is important. I hope I improved a bit from my last video thank you to all your feedback. Let me know what you think.

Ethereum trade performance

ETH is highly volatile and illiquid compared to the Bitcoin market, I am currently allocating 20% of account size trading Ethereum. Expect P/L to swing widely!

On 6-7-2016, Future ETH trades are switched from ETHBTC to ETHUSD because BTC was more volatile than ETH itself. To get USD exposure, the position is synthesized by trading ETHBTC while hedging BTC of equal value on okcoin weekly futures.