ibankbitcoin's past

Learning from false gods, ibankbitcoins as a trader part 2

This is the second part of ibankbitcoin's past, I recommend reading the part one of my trading past first.

It took me nine month to overcome my previous bust and it wasn't easy. I avoided work and school while staying up at night doing random stuff to distract myself. I still read the financial news and charts from time to time, but I was so frustrated with the market.

A time of self reflection, ibankbitcoin's past as a trader. Part 1

Last week when bitcoin dropped to $160, many traders lost their shirts or quit. I empathize with you all. I said I would go over a few short stories of my past.  I have personally lost fortunes trading the stock/futures market, multiple times. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn't paid the most expensive tuition of all.

First, I can tell you I am no different than any one of you. I understand the feeling of losing it all, it hurts so much that I've adapted and become more disciplined as a trader. So here is my first bust of the series.