9-25-2015 Bitcoin market analysis and weekend update

A weekend update for you all. Bitcoin market has been very choppy for the last month or so. A fast 5% move here and there but no real trend forming. I am guessing people have lost some interest in trading BTC. I have been sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting. As a trend follower, the idea of sitting on my hands with discipline is almost as important as learning to trade itself. I learned this because I had been burned too many times in the past from trading choppy markets using a trend following strategy. I traded a few fast scalps here and there, but in small size and with relatively poor performance. I will periodically check the forums and update here when I see something develop.

While not trading bitcoin, I gotta keep myself occupied. I am doing online shopping, trading commodities and index futures. Currently long gold at 1146 on /GCZ5.