My career as a trader; email to a mentor

Took out personal details.

Hey, this is ibankbitcoins. A few years back in 2011, you came by my parents house for dinner. It has been a long journey since our last conversation. The reason for this email is because you were a deep inspiration in my career’s success however short our conversation was. So here is my story:

Steve Job said, find what you love and connect the dots looking backwards; you said the similar at the dinner table. I had to pick a career between Ph.D in electrical engineering or a potential investor/trader. With my Asian father’s influence (he is persuasive), I pursued my Ph.D in circuit modeling. However, I was busy attending MBA classes, modeling stock prices instead of circuits. I invested and traded which I lost money multiple times, a total disaster. But man, do I love trading over my day job. Trading wasn’t a phase in my life, five years into it and I am just as excited talking about it as the first day. I found what I love, but I was not successful.  

Finding what I love is what drives me to beat the odds as a trader. I dropped out of my Ph.D shortly because I didn't see the point in it, I secured my first job with Intel at Silicon Valley.  After a few years, I started a trading journal followed by a blog in digital currency, think Bitcoin/Ethereum. The journal helped improve my terrible trading skills over time. Writing down trade entry/exits/reasons certainly helped reflect on my mistakes. And slowly, my confidence and capital grew. My losses were smaller, but still occasionally suffered big setbacks. 

After 4 years of working, my success grew to be bigger than the work at Intel. I quit my job and started my trading firm without anyone’s help.  I knew I could always go back to Intel, because I have time. During this period, I had so many stories similar to the ones you told me over the dinner table. It is shocking I tell you. The story where you said you didn’t use leverage anymore which is unheard of in the finance world. I only understood that when I lost too much. The story about how the big players are all investors, eventually I started to learn about investing and real estate. So many other relatable stories.

I didn’t want to email you for so many years because it felt pointless until I accomplished much. Thank you for your words of inspiration, I value them highly. I hope you are doing well with your wife and kid(s) where ever you are.



To the world you are one person, but to one person you may be the world.  - John Lennon