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Do you believe in technical analysis? Here are some bitcoin evidence

I believe that there is a trend and momentum for everything that revolves around us. Technical analysis captures the essence of that in the stock/bitcoin market. I understand some are skeptical about technical analysis for trading especially some hard to understand TA stuff like Elliott wave, Gann's theory and Fib numbers.

6-10-2014 Flag trade setup on bitcoin, buy on breakout

Hello Bitcoiners:

This post will be a a trade setup rather than an educational article. I try to switch it up a little. I went over how to trade a bull flag in the last article. If you are unfamiliar, you can learn about bull flags there.

We have a trade setup on the daily bitcoin chart. Take a look at the chart below.

Bitcoin flag setup:

Type: Flag.

Confirmation: Breakout above 680 to confirm.

5-26-2014 Bitcoin chart update. Target 610 and 710 USD/BTC

This is my first post since I made a post on r/bitcoinmarket regarding interest in a technical blog. I want to do a bitcoin blog because I think bitcoin has a lot of potential to become the future currency of the world. More importantly, I want to bring in my technical knowledge of 6 years from the stock/futures market into bitcoin. There seem to be a lack of technical analysis and statistics in bitcoin, but a whole lot of speculation.